Helpful Links

We are constantly culling the web for helpful resources for our patients. Some of our current favorites include:

American Dietetic Association

American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery

A comprehensive site to learn about the pros and cons of bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Edge

Bariatric Support Centers International

Beyond Change


Facebook (a private page for Dr. Teixeira's patients)

Fit Day

LAP-BAND Central

Obesity Help

One of the most comprehensive weight loss surgery sites on the Internet.  Features definitions of terms used in bariatric surgery, a library, patient stories, insurance information and more.

Obesity Law and Advocacy Center

Features articles related to insurance issues.

Obesity Online

A multidisciplinary forum for research and treatment of massive obesity, including plastics, psychiatry, endocrinology, nutrition, nursing, dietetics and allied health.

The Obesity Society

The Society's mission is to educate the public about obesity, including helping health professionals to care for people with obesity, advocate for insurance coverage, fight for more funding for obesity research and end obesity discrimination.

Obesity Surgery Support Groups

Listserves that discuss and offer support for the physical and emotional issues of weight loss surgery. Topics covered include types of surgeries available, dietary guidelines, postoperative reports, and emotional, family, work and recovery issues.

Offshoot groups include regional OSSG groups, and groups organized by type of surgery, specific problems, preoperative and postoperative concerns, and many other topics. Joining one or more of these lists is a good way to learn about weight loss surgery from people who have been there.  Be wary, however, of possible misinformation. Most members of these groups have no medical background and may give advice based solely on their personal experience.

Realize Band

State Insurance Commissions on the Web

Features a state-by-state listing of insurance departments and commissioners.



Bariatric Eating

Bariatric Advantage

Celebrate Vitamins